Fortune Union supplies a wide array of plastic materials used as Retail blister packaging film for blister packaging by Thermoforming.

For each different application, Fortune Union offers a plastic solution with specific properties that ensure smooth and efficient production process.

blister packaging film. machine

Fortune Union can supply the monolayer blister packaging film materials such as PVC, LDPE, PS, HDPE, RPET, APET, EVOH, PVDC, PP, PETG. Custom multilayer film tailored to your production process can also be produced.

Whatever packaging need you have Fortune Union can offer the most cost efficient retail blister packaging film or develop a custom thermoformed plastic tailored to your production process.

Fortune Union offers different thicknesses in roll or cut sheet form.

HERE are some of our standard and custom multilayer blister packaging films for retail packaging.

Thermoforming packaging. blister packaging film mould

There are two main types of thermoforming processes:

  • Vacuum Forming: The forming vacuum pressure forms the part y by atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psi.
  • Pressure Forming: The material is heated and formed with a mold by vacuum pressure of about 55 psi.

For both types of processes we can supply the film that will accomplish best results for basic and complex retail packaging forming sharp corners.


Fortune Union recommends PVC as the most cost effective retail blister packaging film material.

PVC is a great choice because its properties make packaging flexible and very cost-effective.

We offer lamination, a wide array of tints, and solution coatings such as Silicon coating.blister pvc. blister packaging film

PVC with thin gauge between .005 inch and 0.040 inch is the most common spec used as retail blister packaging film for thermoforming manufacturing.


Why choose PVC as your packaging material?

Compared to other thermoformed packaging materials, PVC offers some unique properties and these include:

  • Best cost performance efficiency.
  • The range¬† of additives that can be added in the formulation is greater in PVC blister packaging film than any other plastic used for thermoforming.
  • Complex shapes are easier to achieve.
  • Printing is less complicated in PVC film than in other types of thermoformed materials


ASK US WE WILL BE HAPPY TO SUGGEST THE BEST AND MOST COST EFFECTIVE MATERIAL in monolayer or multilayer retail blister packaging film for thermoforming.