Fortune Union films provides pharmaceutical packaging film with maximum efficiency manufacturing results at the lowest possible cost.

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PVC film for pharmaceutical packaging.

We have the exact type of PVC pharmaceutical packaging film which meets your expectations. Our film’s quality and production efficiency will match your production process.
We can offer a variety of thicknesses, colors and additional properties tailored to your individual requirements.
pharma packaging. blister pvc film. Pharmaceutical packaging
Pharma packaging. blister pvc film. Pharmaceutical packaging


We recommend thickness between 150 micron (.006 inch) to 300 micron (.011 inch) according to the cavity size and shape that you require.

PVC properties can be adjusted with physical specifications.

For example the Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) of a 250 micron PVC film is 2.79 g/m2/day at 38°C/93%RH. Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) is 25 cc/m2/day.

We can adjust the thickness of PVC pharmaceutical packaging film to that minimum necessary for matching your packaging’s required WVTR and OTR.

Adjusting your film thickness to the minimum necessary will reduce your production costs while meeting the maximum quality necessary for your pharmaceutical blister packaging production.

PVC pharmaceutical packaging film can be laminated to PVDC, PCTFE or COC to achieve better WVTR and OTR properties or coated with silicone to improve productivity smoothness.

You can also choose to have your PVC pharmaceutical packaging film tinted with pigments containing additives tailored to your film needs, such as UV filters.

These are some of the options we can offer for your consideration to increase the protective properties of your pharmaceutical packaging film.

Coldform film. Biaxally orientated polyamide (OPA), aluminum and PVC.

It’s the highest quality  pharmaceutical packaging film used for manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging products that require the highest degree of protection to light and moisture.

Coldform film (biaxally orientated polyamide (OPA), aluminum and PVC) are produced by cold forming process.

Pharmaceutical packaging. PVC film. PVC with Aluminum film. Blister pills. Pharma packaging. Cold forming.
Pharmaceutical packaging. PVC film. PVC with Aluminum film. Blister pills. Pharma packaging. Cold forming.

The use of cold form foil (CFF) is growing because more moisture sensitive drugs are on the market. CFF is the only material that provides a 100% barrier to moisture, oxygen, and light.

Cold-form film comprises lamination of Nylon OPA, Adhesive, Aluminum foil, Adhesive and PVC film. The laminated Aluminum layer with its temperature stabilizing properties prevents the CFF from becoming more permeable when temperature raises.

The combination of materials used in Cold form foil give the film the critical properties to our pharmaceutical packaging film, needed to produce blister packaging that protects the most sensitive pharmaceutical products.

All materials used in the production of Cold form foil are of the highest standards allowing exceptional stretchability and maximum cup depth during packaging process.

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