Clamshell boxes are widely produced by our customers for packaging everything from electronic parts to nails.

Our Clamshell packaging film is Ideal for retail clamshell production because of its transparency and strength, making it ideal for display of retail products.

Fortune Union can supply any standard monolayer clamshell packaging film that best suits your clamshell packaging production. Recommended materials are PVC, LDPE, PS, HDPE, RPET, APET, EVOH, PVDC, PP, PETG.

For best results we recommend using blister packaging film made with our specialty materials, PVC, PET and PETG, which are the most cost efficient materials for clamshell packaging. Food grade quality also available.


clamshell packaging film

Regardless of which material your manufacturing process is working with, if you wish too switch to PVC or PET clamshell packaging film, we can assist you with the necessary adjustments in the production process.

Design and Tooling costs for clamshell packaging using PET are similar to those using PVC Although some variations in production process may be needed.

Each material has its own particularities that may need tooling adjustment. For example PVC clamshell packaging film may crack when the blade strikes the film and PET can require the tooling knife to cut until the striker plate is reached.

Forming temperature of PET is lower temperature than PVC so the lower level of heat limits the level of detail on the parts. Too much heat  may crystallize and make it brittle.

clamshell packaging machine

PVC clamshell packaging film has a low COF (Coefficient of Friction) favoring smooth denesting and auto feeding process.

The correct amount of silicone coating increases productivity.

PET with a higher COF requires more silicone to separate parts than PVC.

An excess of silicone coating in the clamshell packaging film may interfere with some blister closing mechanisms.


Fortune union can customize its film formulation to meet your specific clamshell box production requirements.

CUSTOM multilayered film for clamshell box tailored to your production process can also be produced.